Frequently asked question 1, How do you stop spit back from coils. March 13, 2018 12:44

One of the most commonly asked questions we get in the store is why do my coils spit liquid back at me. Here are some reasons why and some tips to prevent it.
Five  simple reasons are as follows and ill get more in depth to them below.
1.Over saturated coils.
2. Too much airflow.
3. Time to change coils/cotton.
4. Mod has sat for a while without being used.
5. Type of coils.
Over Saturated coils.
When preparing your coils in a RTA/RDA/RDTA if you put too much juice on your coils the excess juice can spitback at you. But also having too little cotton through your coils can cause the same issue, the reason i say this is because having too little cotton in your tank will allow juice to flow a lot easier towards your coil and with too much juice the coils can only vaporize a specific amount at a time and the excess might spit back at you. So always make sure that you have enough cotton going through your coil enough to allow saturation but not too little to allow flow of juice. This is probably one of the hardest things to teach people to do and it pretty much comes down to trial and error to find a happy medium.
Too much airflow.
This really pertains to guys wanting to chuck some clouds but also can have an affect on normal vapers. On most of these new styled tanks the airflow is almost non restrictive (free flow) the cloud chasers love this. If your coils are not able to burn the liquid fast enough at the rate in which you are inhaling you will get spitback. What you can do in this situation is lessen the airflow which will give the coil more time to burn the liquid. You can also increase the wattage in this instance to supply more power to the coil which will burn the liquid faster if you are still wanting wide open airflow.
Time to change coils/cotton.
This is probably in my opinion the most common cause of spitback, if you think about it cotton is an organic substance which breaks down over time. Also with all these super sweet juices on the market currently the sugars clog or gathers in the cotton and the crystallize. This happens in all types of tanks rebuild able and stock coils. This can be quiet a costly exercise to change coils in a pre-built setup hence we always recommending clients to learn how to build coils as in this case all you would have to do is change the cotton and clean up your coils.
Mod has sat for awhile without being used
Once of the components in a E-Juice is polypropylene glycol, PG attracts moisture from the air. In areas with high humidity this is even worse leaving a tank overnight you will find that there is a moisture build up on your coils. This moisture has a lower boiling point than your E-Juice so when you fire your tank for  the first few pulls in the morning you will notice more spitback than normal as the moisture reacts a lot faster to the power than the E-Juice does. Also you will notice that the first few pulls have almost zero vapor.
Types of coils.
Coils with gaps like claptons or even normal round wire with too little cotton going through the  coil can also cause spitback what i do in this instance is ramp up the power to combat this. However that does not always work the more tightly wrapped the coils are the less likely this is to happen in my opinion.
I hope this has answered some of your questions.