Vaping, fact not fiction. February 22, 2018 12:12

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Fact/fiction. Vaping will put water on your lungs? Fiction: your body is made up of about 50%-75% water, But think of it this way if you live along the Natal coast with the average humidity of 77.0% (humidity is water in the air) then if this were true you should stop breathing.
Fact/Fiction.  Vaping will give you popcorn lung? Fiction: As far as my knowledge base goes and i would appreciate feedback, there were several people who died in a Pop Corn factory that made spices that you put on your pop corn and they died because they were not wearing protective masks. Number of reported cases of Vapers dying from Pop Corn lung is 0, Cigarettes contain 100 times the amount of Diacetyl than the highest report E-Juice tested, Amount of smokers that have died from Diacetyl is 0
Fact/Fiction.  Vaping will save a billion lives? Fact: Although a slightly outdated figure here are some stats that i could find regarding smoking deaths. On the other hand the amount of reported cases of vaping related deaths are 0, Currently you are more likely to die from chocking on a peanut than you are from vaping. If you want some more information on this watch the documentary " A Billion Lives " The home of modern medicine being the United Kingdom estimate that Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Is it 100% safer NO but 95% safer is a lot better than 0% , In my opinion its the only nicotine replacement therapy that works.
Things we as vapers need to do as to not draw any undue attention to ourselves.
  • Treat yourself as a smoker, the general public have no clue what the difference between vaping and smoking.
  • Don't blow clouds when you are in the mall or at the movies or out having a meal.
  • If someone asks you to stop Vaping near them don't blow a fuse, rather be polite and educate them as to why vaping is not the same as smoking.
  • Post in the various facebook pages of Vaping friendly places, This will soon affect the bottom line of business's that don't allow vaping and then you an educate the owners as to why you are not coming back to their establishments in a polite manner.
  • DO NOT re-post articles that we all know are lies all that this does is perpetuate the negativity towards vaping.



The more we can educate the general public the better chance we have of not undergoing the stuff the USA has gone through.