Cake Pop

The Perpetual E Liquids Cake Pop E Liquid is the next big thing! Imagine your favorite lollipop drenched in strawberry frosting and cake! Delicious notes of decadent strawberry frosting, coated onto sweet cake flavors is transcended from the Cake Pop e liquid. Solid flavors that are ripe and juicy, just full and rich. The inhale is sweet, smooth and creamy with all the frosting while the exhale is baked to perfection, giving you warm notes to remind you of how great cake tastes. You get a full flavor on this High VG e liquid making it an e juice to definitely try.



Brand Recognition:



Like many other new e liquid brands in the market, Perpetual E liquids bore itself from social media. With over 5,000 followers on Instagram, their release was nothing short of a hit. Definitely making a mark on the vape industry, Perpetual E Liquids has broken into this market and has spread like wildfire on the basis of just one of their E Liquids. We’re excited to see what is in store for Perpetual E Liquids and await for you to try their Cake Pop E Liquid as it has made our top list in every day vapes.



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