Element E-Liquids Dripper Series 60ml

Element E-Liquid's Premium Dripper series are a range of juices specifically designed for use with drippers or tanks tanks that can handle high VG juices. They are formulated with a higher concentration of VG and with less nicotine to produce the purest and densest clouds possible.

Element are a true blue American brand whose specialist dripper juices are made with USP grade ingredients which are only sourced from the most trusted names in the US pharmaceutical industry. Their nicotine is also extracted from natural American tobacco leaves rather than synthesised in a lab, plus every single juice in the Element range is guaranteed Diacetyl-free.

Element e-liquids are all pre-steeped before being made available for purchase by the public, so there is no waiting for the flavours to develop as they are all ready to vape and drip as soon as you get them. By vaping these Element e-juices, you will experience unparalleled purity along with the highest possible e-liquid manufacturing standards from the United States of America.

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