3 Layer Commuter Mask by Hustle

R 5.00

Hustle Masks are now available at Sir Vape. 3 Layer comfortable masks that serve as a protection barrier and look good at the same time.


Comes in two sizes:

M - Those That Want A Tighter Fit / Ladies / Small Men lol / Teenagers 

L - General Men 


Colour : Black

Re-usable Hustle Mask

Comfortable Fit
Triple Layer Protection 
Cost Effective
You don’t need to by 1 million units to get one

Daily Washcare Instructions:
Soak in 50/50 hot-to-the-touch water/vinegar half an hour.
Gently wash with sunlight dish washing liquid.
Rinse in cold water
Hang up preferably in direct sunlight/fresh air

Price is per mask

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