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This Granddaddy Purple CBD Vape e-liquid is naturally rich in berries with notes of fresh, juicy grapes. Infused with Cali Greens CBD Hemp.

Named after the Californian Cannabis Indica plant, Granddaddy Purple is best known for its deep purple colour. Naturally rich in berries with notes of fresh, juicy grapes, and infused with Cali Green CBD Hemp. Vaping CBD comes with a number of benefits, including its fast absorption rate into your system and high bio-availability. Simply add the e-liquid to your tank and enjoy the experience. This 10ml bottle contains 300mg of CBD (3% strength).


More Information
CBD Product Type Vape e-liquid
CBD Type Isolate
CBD Strength 300mg
Terpenes? No
Flavour category Spices & Herbs
Flavour Profile Spices & Herbs
Volume 10ml
Bottle Size 10ml


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