Anchor Squonk 3D Mods (USA)

R 2,100.00

Anchor Mods are regarded as one of the leading 3D printed box mod companies in the world. They are the forerunners when it comes to design and their quality is outstanding. All internals utilise imported parts from ModMakers UK and each unit comes with a super soft 8.5ml squonk bottle. The unit is super compact and super light and fits up to 24mm perfectly.

Sir Vape along with Anchor designed a limited Storm Trooper Alumide Edition which is available in limited qtys.


Unregulated Box

Single 18650

3D Printed

ModMakers BF 510 

ModMakers Bottle 8.5ml

Black Polished Switch Rating 40amps

Door And Rear Panel Have Compliment Design

Available in Std & Alumide Special Edition

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