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Introducing the BLVK Bar, the world’s first 20,000 puff disposable device.

The BLVK Bar encapsulates the advantages of disposable e-cigarettes in one sleek package. This all-in-one device features a substantial e-liquid reservoir, variable voltage power modes reminiscent of classic vape batteries, and proprietary NIO-X Dual Coil Technology. This technology ensures optimal e-liquid vaporization at the perfect temperature while extending coil life for longer, continuous vaping. Additionally, its recharge time surpasses nearly every other device on the market.

NIO-X Dual Coil Technology Powers Intelligent Variable Voltage

The BLVK Bar features the NIO-X Dual Coil, a proprietary coil system made from a kanthal alloy and a lower, sub-ohm resistance at 0.8Ω. Both the design of the coil and the lower resistance allows users to truly push the limits of their device as the various power modes are modified between LOW, NORMAL, and MAX.

At the LOW setting, the NIO-X Dual Coils are pushing 15 volts that fire in succession, meaning one fires then the next. This means that the likelihood of burning either the wick or the coil is slim-to-none; giving users the ultimate flavor-filled experience.

At NORMAL settings, both coils fire simultaneously at 15 volts, again in a controlled way as to not burn out the coils or wick for a consistent and even vaporization. This lends a hand at being able to deliver more complex e-liquid flavors with both overtones and undertones – more on e-liquid flavors later.

Then finally with the MAX setting, the BLVK Bar is the first ever disposable device to offer not two, but THREE power settings. Pushing 20 volts, the higher temperatures lead to more vapor production but NOT at the expense of experiencing flavor complexities or sacrificing the coils longevity. To be able to successfully achieve three distinct power modes really speaks volumes to the Product R&D department’s meticulous dedication to redefining the user experience.

Elevate your vaping experience with the groundbreaking BLVK Bar.  Raising the Bar one puff at a time.

Available in 9 flavours