Cheesecake 20ml

R 30.00 R 66.00

Smooth & creamy – great combined with fruit flavours.

*Note: this flavour contains “custard” ingredients: acetoin (not a diketone) & acetylpropionyl.

This is not a strong flavour, and because of the butter esters there can sometimes be a small amount of particulate formulation that does not affect the flavour.  These particles will float to the top of the bottle, just gently heat the bottle and shake and they will disappear.

**Note: not everyone likes this flavour – some say it tastes like real cheesecake, others don’t like it at all.

Ingredients:  Natural & artificial flavour, propylene glycol.

Contains ingredients that should be avoided by people with dairy allergies.

Does not need refrigeration and will not spoil.

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