Lost Vape DNA Orion & Orion Quest Replacement Pods

R 85.00

Replacement pods for Lost Vape Orion DNA & Quest Mod.

New 0.8 mesh can be used with DNA & Quest Mod.

Please note the 1ohm pod can not be used DNA Orion and only the Quest version kit. 0.5ohm and 0.25ohm is compatible with the DNA Kit only.

Please note the 0.25ohm or 0,5ohm pod can not be used with the Quest version kit and only the DNA version. 1ohm is only compatible with Quest Kit.


Vapor Pod (Can be used in Orion DNA ONLY)

0.25 ohm - Compatible with Regular Nicotine E-Liquid

Flavor Pod (Can be used in Orion DNA ONLY)
0.5 ohm
Compatible with Salt Nic E-Liquid or Regular Nicotine E-Liquid 

Nic Salt Pod 1.0 ohm (Can be used in Orion Quest Mod only)

Compatible with high mg Salt Nic or high mg free base nic juices 


Price is per pod

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