***NEW*** Asmodus White Minikin 1.5 (150w)

R 1,425.00

asMODus is proud to announce the resurrection of the Minikin with the vastly improved Minikin V1.5! The Minikin 1.5 features a power output of 150 watts (increased from the previous 120 watts) as well as structural and functional improvements. The Minikin V1.5 can handle a vast array of wire types; more than you probably even thought were available! Here's a list of acceptable wire types in the Minikin V1.5:

Alloy 120
Alloy 52
Kanthal A1 APM
Kanthal AA EAF
Kanthal D
Nickel DH
SS 304
SS 316
SS 316L
SS 317L
SS 430

The Minikin V1.5 has structural improvements (to the body itself) that create a firmer, higher quality body that creates a heavy-duty feel as well as providing extra solidity and stability to the mod. The Minikin V1.5 retains the full bodied removeable battery door, which has truly has become quite the crowd favorite, but partnered with the Minikin V1.5's upgraded body structure, the door fits tight as a glove yet retains its ability to swap out batteries with maximized simplicity. A mini USB port has been implemented to grant the capability to charge via USB if preferred by the user.

The Minikin 1.5 also features improvements in its functionality with an updated screen that displays the individual charge of each battery that is being used by the mod. This update shows the user if a battery is being used more than another. This can happen if batteries have not been "married" (purchased together and used together solely) but this new technology, you can quickly view and resolve the situation. The V1.5 also features newly implemented TCR and TFR options to further enhance its performance. With TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) you are able to manually adjust the resistance that is read with your particular coil or build so you will always hit at your desired resistance depending on your build. With TFR (Temperature Factor of Resistivity) mode the Minikin V1.5 permits the user to use hybrid builds that have a mix of wire types safely and can be adjusted based on user preference. Both TCR and TFR functions have 5 memory storage modes each to quickly switch between different settings with a few clicks through the menu.

The Minikin v1.5 retains all the same hyper power saving capabilities as its predecessor which boost your two battery mod to feel like it has a three battery capacity with the same adorable size.  

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