***NEW*** Superhero 18650 Battery Wraps

R 20.00

Here’s something awesome for the comic book fans out there. Customize the look of your batteries with these superhero battery wraps. They’re made of heat shrink PVC and are very easy to put on. Simply remove your old battery wrap, making sure to save the round insulator on the the positive end, then slide the battery into the new wrap, place the insulator on the positive end and apply heat (heat gun or hair dryer works great) until the wrap shrinks to the battery. 

Superhero Battery Wraps Details:
Material: PVC
Suitable for 18650 battery
Depth 30mm (1.18 inch)
Height 72mm (2.83 inch)
Width 0.2mm (0.01 inch)


Price is per set of 2 wrapsW


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