Dotshell by Atmizoo

R 1,380.00

Meet the DotShell, Atmizone’s dedicated RTA for the dotAIO by Dotmod.

Based on the VapeShell, yet taking quite some steps forward, the DotShell introduces all features of RTAs to the world of AIO devices, bringing the already successful dotAIO to another level.



DotShell takes the basic concept of the VapeShell and elaborates, incorporating also some elements out of dotAIO stock components.

The design utilizes the top part of dotAIO’s stock reservoir, incorporates an adaptation of dotAIO RBA’s AFC system, but also offers a surprisingly large deck with real time access potential and further customisable air flow under coil. The deck is able to host many different approaches of one-coil rebuilding, from simple round wire to large exotic coils, still retaining high tank capacity (a bit higher from Dotmod’s RBA version). The air flow is adjusted by an AFC base section with high accuracy which dials in the air hole under coil from zero to either D=3.8mm (stock Pos Tube) or D=2.0mm (spare Pos. Tube). There is an MTL set of pins further available as an accessory, which, as with the VapeShell, further customises the air flow for proper true MTL setups. This makes the DotShell versatile and perfect for a wide range of vaping profiles, from MTL to DTL. Add to the above Dotmod’s auxilary 510 base for testing, rebuilding, dry-burning or other purposes and you have the whole package.

You can’t get wrong with the DotShell. Its features and potential bring the already succesful dotAIO to a totally different level.



– Air flow tuning via an AFCS Ring adjusting from zero to either D=3.8mm (stock Pos Tube) or D=2.0mm (spare Pos. Tube). Fine tuning with accessory MTL pins kit D=1.0/1.2/1.5mm

– M2.5mm pan head phillips post screws.

– 12.2mm post-to-post length, ~8.5mm post-to-post net space , ~8.0mm coil space.

– Max. net coiling height in the chamber 4.2mm

– Chimney top inner D ~4.0mm

– Height ~35mm [AFC section attached, Rebuild Base excl.]

/ Weight ~25g [AFCS section attached, Rebuild Base excl.]


-High grade materials: robust, lightweight stainless-steel construction, 316 food-grade SS metal parts, PEEK thermoplastic polymer electric insulators, PCTG Reservoir


What's more...

Getting Started

Before using the DotShell for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you take a good look at the support section, with tons of useful info about DotShell, including detailed introduction, assembly/disassembly guides, useful tips etc.

What’s in the box

– 1 x DotShell RTA (incl. dotAIO stock aux 510 Rebuild Base and Reservoir Top)

– 1 x Set of spares (2 x Post Screws, 1 x O-ring Kit, 1 x Pos. Tube D=2.0mm)

– 1 x Set of User Manual / Warranty Card

Warranty and Support

DotShell comes with a fair and generous warranty, which covers all manufacturing defects.
Check out our support section with lots of useful material about the device and its use.


Some useful docs about the DotShell.
DotShell User Manual [ENG].pdf

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