iJust / Melo Monster Coil Pack

R 325.00

One of the downsides to sub-ohm tanks over RBAs is the lack of customization. You're essentially restricted to whatever arbitrary coil types the manufacturer decides to produce (so good luck finding alien clapton heads for something like the Atlantis). That is to say, you were until today. Introducing the CoilART Coil Kit! Inside are three five packs (for a total of 15 coils) filled to the brim with a huge variety of styles, ranging from TC-friendly claptons to cloud-chucking quad twisted coils, affording you a wide berth of possibilities in vaping styles. Whether you're constantly chasing the flavor dragon or looking to fool the weatherman with your huge clouds, you'll find just what you're looking for in this fantastically all-inclusive coil pack.

CTBVC Compatible With:

Aspire Atlantis v1 / Aspire Atlantis v2
Aspire Triton v1 / Aspire Triton v2
Eleaf MELO 2/3
Eleaf iJust 2 or IJust S
Horizontech Arctic
Playboy Vixen
Playboy Vixen Mini
Sigelei X-Tank
Sense Herakles v1
Tobeco Super Tank
Tobeco Mini Super Tank
Silo Beast
Vapeston Maganus
Freemax Starre
Anyvape Segatank
All Vaporesso Sub-Ohm Tanks

Box Contents

Clapton Combo

1x Tiger - 0.5Ω
26AWG x Flat 0.2*0.8
1x 24AWG Clapton - 0.5Ω
24AWG x 32AWG
1x 26AWG Clapton - 0.8Ω
26AWG x 32AWG
1x Alien Clapton - 0.5Ω
Flat 0.3*0.8 x 32AWG
1x Fused Clapton - 0.7Ω
(28AWG+28AWG) x 32AWG

Twisted Combo

1x Hive - 0.6Ω
(30AWG x 2) x 2
1x Twisted - 0.3Ω
24AWG x 2
1x Mix Twisted - 0.4Ω
Flat 0.2*0.8 x 26AWG
1x Flat Twisted - 0.3Ω
Flat 0.2*0.8 x 2
1x Quad Twisted - 0.4Ω
28AWG x 4

TC Combo

1x Titanium - 0.3Ω
Ti x 1
1x Nickel - 0.1Ω
Ni200 + Ni200
1x Nickel/Titanium Clapton - 0.3Ω
Ni200 x Ti
1x Titanium/Nickel Clapton - 0.5Ω
Ti x Ni200
1x Stainless Steel Clapton - 0.5Ω
SS316L x 2

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