Kamikaze MTL Coils

R 180.00

Introducing the new Kamikaze MTL coils

Machine made premium coils designed for flavour and performance using only the finest Ni80 wire.

All Kamikaze Coil variants come in a 4 pack. Extra value at an unbeatable price. Dry fire wattage recommended between 5 to 15 watts max.

MTL Fused Clapton – OEM Ni80 2-30/40  2.5mm  5 wraps  0.8ohm

MTL Staple – OEM Ni80 4-1*3/40  2.5mm  5 wraps  0,68ohm

MTL Aliens – OEM Ni80 3-32/38  2.5mm  5 wraps  0.65ohm


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