***NEW*** Airis 8 Dab & Dip Coils

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The Airis 8 wax vape pen is a revolutionary new design allowing you to vape through a conventional touch coil or by using a dipper coil. Both coils will yield the same results. If you purchased an Airis 8 Wax pen it will include one of each type of coil. Coils produce an extreme amount of heat quickly to vaporize your concentrate. Because of this all coils are prone to burning out overtime. We feel it is extremely important to purchase genuine OEM coils. Genuine Airis 8 Wax Replacement Coils will have a tighter fit in your battery and will provide you extended longevity.

Dipper Coil
Dipping is becoming a fashionable trend in the vape industry. Dipping is exactly what it sounds like. Simply remove the mouthpiece from your battery and attach the dipper coil. Dip the end of the coil directly into your favorite concentrate of choice. Press and hold the power button and enjoy your vaping experience. The backside of the battery has a small lid with holes that will act as your mouthpiece. The dipper coil is small and portable and is perfect for smaller hits.

Touch Coil
A Touch coil is also known as a standard top load coil. To use a touch coil you will need to remove the mouthpiece from your battery. Fill the coil with your favorite concentrate using a dab tool. Re-attach the mouthpiece to the battery. Press and hold the power button and enjoy. The Airis 8 Wax Replacement Coils are both single quartz coils and produce the perfect amount of vapor.

Choose from the regular Wax Coil, the wax Dipper Touch Coil, or both. Our coils are authentic Airistech Airis 8 OEM parts and are guaranteed to fit your Airis 8 wax pen.

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