***NEW*** Goon 24mm Resin Cool Caps

R 155.00

Epoxy Resin Drip Tips for Goon RDA 528 - offers excellent heat resistance and comes in a range of great colours!


A - PURPLE HAZE (Purple Tones)



D - EARTHY VINTAGE (Mixture of Orange, Gold, Brown & Other Tones) Possibly our favourite colour option.


Please note no two colours are the same. All we can say is that are all really funky and unique. Each piece is a work of art. We have loads in stock and it would be impossible to photograph each and every cap. We have though divided them into colours but keep in mind they have a marble effect and will have a variety of shades of that colour as well as swirls of complimenting colours. Please keep this in mind before purchasing these as we will not be exchanging them if you are unhappy with a colour tone. In saying that we are sure that you will be happy with your purchase as we have not come across a tip yet them that we have not liked :)

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