***NEW*** Honey Mellow CBD 30ml

R 353.00

Honey nut cereal, marshmallows, a hint of golden graham cracker, and just a whiff of ripe banana (some taste it, some do not).  This is literally a mash-up blend of two separate, unfinished flavors, one developed by Beantown, the other developed by Cassadaga.  The incredible, unexpected result is Honey Mellow. Each 30ml bottle contains 99.9% pure CBD isolate derived from domestically grown USA hemp.

Available in 150mg and 350mg strengths


We’ve partnered with some of the top selling e-liquid flavor specialists in the United States to provide you the tastiest options for experiencing the body boosting properties of cannabidiol (CBD). View the suggested use recommendations for our CBD E-liquid below:

Strength MG of CBD per Milliliter
150mg 5
300mg 10
350mg 11.6



Reap the body boosting benefits of non-psychoactive cannabidiol. Our signature CBD Concentrate contains 99.9% pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate derived from domestically grown USA hemp. Every bottle is manufactured and tested at Elysian Labs’ in-house laboratory for quality, consistency, and purity. In fact, we also check for THC content as well as heavy metal solvents, guaranteeing the cleanest product possible. 


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