**NEW** Odd Job RBA by Suicide Mods

R 1,075.00

Introducing the 'Odd Job Boro RBA' by Suicide Mods - a game-changer for vapers who love AIO devices! This latest release from Suicide Mods is designed to fit seamlessly into Boro AIO style devices offering a truly unique and customizable vaping experience.

One of the standout features of the Odd Job RBA is its offset build deck, which sets it apart from other RBAs on the market. This innovative design allows for easy coil installation and customization, while also enhancing the performance and vapour/flavour production of your vape. The offset build deck ensures that the airflow hits the coil directly, resulting in an intensified vaping experience with enhanced flavour and vapour production.

But that's not all - this RBA also features a unique wicking style that ensures maximum juice flow. The 2 wick holes sit right at the bottom of the RBA. With this genius design you can get every last drop of eliquid soaked in and ready to vape. Say goodbye to dry hits and hello to consistent, flavorful clouds! The Odd Job RBA's efficient wicking system allows for quick and efficient absorption of e-liquid, resulting in a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Another notable feature is the bottom adjustable airflow, which gives you complete control over the airflow to suit your personal preferences. Whether you enjoy a tight, restricted draw or a more airy vape, the Odd Job RBA can be adjusted to deliver the perfect airflow for you.

Compatibility is key, and the Odd Job RBA is designed to work seamlessly with the Crypt boro and Ether boro PCTG sections. This means you can easily switch between different tank sections to suit your vaping needs, further enhancing the versatility of this RBA.

Key Features of the Odd Job RBA:

  • Offset post allows for direct to coil airflow
  • High quality construction
  • Brand: Suicide Mods
  • Compatible with Boro AIO devices
  • Compatible with Crypt boro and boro PCTG tanks
  • Precision adjustable airflow - adjust while installed
  • Side top fill - fill while installed

    What's Included:

  • 1 x Odd Job RBA
  • 1 x Clear PCTG tank
  • 1 x Black PCTG tank
  • 1 x Airflow adjuster

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