Opus Electro Range Sample Pack (70ml)

R 250.00

"Try them all!"
Why choose just one, when you can have them all.

The new Electro Sample Pack allows you to try out all the juices in the range...without breaking the bank.

Treat your senses.

VG/PG Ratio: 66/33

7 x 10ml of all the flavs in one pack. Available in 3mg only.


Flavours include:


Astonish your senses with this succulent strawberry cocktail. A juicy, delectable strawberry drink blended with a tropical twist of summer melons and a hint of coconut. This is for the fruit lovers.



Experience the extravagance of this luxurious vanilla custard. A warm velvety smooth vanilla custard with hints of hazelnut and nutmeg. A delicious dessert vape; the perfect ADV.



Refresh your face with this juicy, fruity menthol. An energizing medley of lychee and fruit with menthol. If you’re looking for plenty of juicy flavor with an icy exhale to keep you cool this summer, this is it.



Crisp, ripe apple combines with a lip-smacking blend of strawberry and berries that will dance across your tongue! Delicious peppermint and menthol round out this delightful blend.



Treat. Yo. Self. The peanut butter + chocolate treat. A contemporary take on this classic combo.Creamy peanut butter swirled with deliciously decadent chocolate and a graham cracker crust.



Tantalise your taste buds with this mouthwatering blend of bakeries and citrus. A
creamy lemon cake topped with smooth vanilla icing.



Please your palate with this wicked peach dessert. Juicy peaches and syrup smothered in delicious creamy vanilla ice cream. Dessert and fruit lovers, this is the juice you’ve been looking for.

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