Pre-Made Coils Youde

R 115.00

 Sir Vape now stocks a range of pre-made coils in a variety of styles for your convenience. These high quality handmade coils are a breeze to pop into your favourite dripper or tank.

Price is for a box of 10 coils. These coils have a +- ID of 2.5mm


SS316 Twisted Fused Clapton Coil [(26ga*2)*2+(0.5*0.1)] SS316L*ID2.5*0.1Ω

A1  Kanthal Alien Coil (26ga*3+32ga) KA1*ID2.5*0.15Ω

SS316 Staggered Fused Clapton A 26ga+(0.5*0.1)]*2+32ga} SS316L*ID2.5*0.15Ω

SS316 Staggered Fused Clapton Coil B [(26ga+32ga)*2+(0.5*0.1)] SS316L*ID2.5*0.2Ω

Clapton Coil (26ga SS316L+32ga KA1)*ID2.5*1Ω clapton coil



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