TMD BORO Pre-build Coil Tank

R 780.00

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BP MODS x DOVPO TMD Boro Pre-Built Coil Tank is a compatible tank that is uses TMD Pro Series and TMD Mesh Series Pre-Built Coils, and is also compatible with PnP and GTX Coils. The TMD boro Tank features a 2.6ml capacity, bottom airflow control, and a side fill port with silicone plug. The tank is constructed from PCTG with stainless steel internal components and base. The base of the TMD boro Tank features a knurled airflow control ring that can easily be adjusted when in a mod, and a gold plated positive contact to ensure connection to the coil.

. The TMD Boro is also compatible with PnP VM/TM/TR/RBA Coils and GTX Coils below 0.6 ohm.

·Able to adjust without taking the tank out of the mod!
·The best air impermeability on pre-build coil tanks ever!*
* Tightness somatosensory airflow:
less than 0.8 on TMD BORO

Max airflow equal to 3.5~4.0mm

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