Uwell Kalmia Pod System

R 480.00

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KALMIA comes in a fully lip-fit design. The drip tip will match the user's lips perfectly. Users can savor the authentic flavor with this design and patented Pro-Focs technology. A combination of smooth surface, palm-size, and round-corner design will bring users a very pleasant grip. You will get a gentle touch and relaxing feeling when you take the KALMIA in hand. KALMIA 6 colors provide users with different choices. Different color devices can be beautiful matches to your daily life. The ingenious gradients and flower-shaped LED indicator will attract your attention at a glance.

KALMIA is friendly to users with its auto-draw. Light inhaling action can start vaping effortlessly. KALMIA will output smoothly and stably during your use. Magnetic design solidly connects the pod and device. You can insert and remove the pod easily and smoothly. When it is charging, low voltage, and pod insertion, the motor vibrates as an alert. Users can know the working states effortlessly. Type-C port is useful for its easy plug and fast charging.

Size: L:20 mm * W:10.8mm * H:109mm
E-liquid Capacity: 1.6ml
Max Power: 13W
Battery Capacity: 400mAh

1pc Uwell Kalmia Pod System Kit

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