• Strictly no nicotine e-liquids will be shipped. This includes 0mg liquids as well. It is prohibited and we are following the governments gazetted regulations until further notice.

  • We can ship all products excluding nicotine liquids if a bottle of CBD is ordered with your product and its intended use is for CBD.

  • You may order online only. Retail at this moment in time is not available. Collection from any of our stores is not available. For your safety and ours, courier service is the only available option.


  • How to place an order

  1. Add your desired starter kit, device, coil, pod or accessory intended for CBD to your cart.

  2. Add any bottle of CBD liquid to your cart. Orders placed without CBD will not be shipped.

  3. Checkout, fill in shipping info, select appropriate shipping option and pay via credit/debit card or bank transfer.

  4. You will then receive a mail with your order number and if paid confirmation that your order has been fulfilled. Now there are changes to delays in getting your orders out and deliveries so we please ask that your read below to avoid any frustration.


  • Processing and packaging of your order delays. Due to the influx in orders we are 24 to 48hrs behind in packing and shipping your order out. This is not normal and if you have dealt with us in the past you will know that we are super-efficient when it comes to this. Delays are due to influx in orders, orders being placed incorrectly, safety protocols in place ie: sanitizing each order that goes out, safety protocols for our staff etc. Our intention is to get your order out as quickly as possible but there is going to be delays so we are informing you upfront. As we going through each level and regulations change I’m confident that the process will eventually return to what it was before.



  • Deliveries Via The Courier Guy. We use the Courier Guy as our dedicated courier service for country wide deliveries. Due to regular changes in regulations for freight deliveries please expect delays. Also, with e-commerce opening up all couriers are backlogged due to the demand for deliveries. What use to be an overnight service which is what we have been able to offer our clients for the past 6 years is now taking way longer than expected. After your order is processed please allow 24 to 72hrs +- to receive your order. Please note courier delivers weekdays only. We are fully aware of the Tracking Not Found Issue when you try and check your parcel. This is normal and we understand frustrating but to save time and speed up getting parcel from A to B the courier is only inputting waybills number when it gets to destination hub. There are no flights for cargo so everything is being driven road freight at this moment in time. We ask you to be patient and understand how important this parcel is to you and what we can say is that you will get it but expect delays. We have sent out hundreds of parcels and there has not been one that has not been delivered even with the tracking issue.


  • Contacting us. Please note we are trying to streamline communicating with your queries. Over the last couple of days, the influx has been overwhelming and we admit have not been able to cope with answering very query in a timeously manner. Please note communication emails below to get into contact with us. Please do not CC all as you will possibly get three different suggestions or answers to your queries which will be confusing. Please allow 24 to 48hrs for us to get back to you.


  1. Product queries and assistance with placing an order: hugo@sirvape.co.za

  2. Orders already placed queries: craig@sirvape.co.za

  3. Refunds: sam@sirvape.co.za

  4. Changes to your order: ettiene@sirvape.co.za

  5. Tracking issues: amanda@sirvape.co.za (before getting frustrated which we totally understand please read delivery issue above prior to emailing, we are not delaying your delivery it is just the way things are with courier services at this moment in time.)

  6. Our tel number is not operating so we can streamline communication between each dept separately and get back to you soonest.

  7. Please do not whatsapp or Facebook Messenger us but rather email so once again we can get back to you and more importantly have a dedicated channel which is email for your query.



  • In closing: Yes during these times things are different in the way we trade but we can assure you of some of the greatest products available in South Africa and supplying you in the timeously manner as stated above to get you through these tough times. We ask to be patient and understanding with the above processing and delivery points and can assure you over time we are 100% confident that as levels change we will be back to what we and you have been use to in the past.


CBD liquids can be found here: https://www.sirvape.co.za/collections/essential-items


We have also created an awesome compilation of CBD devices and products here for your interest but you are welcome to order other devices from our site as long as there is no nicotine liquids and it includes a bottle of CBD which it is intended for: https://www.sirvape.co.za/collections/essential-items


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