How to extend the life of your vape gear.

How to extend the life of your vape gear.

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Okay so as a vape shop owner i have pretty much seen it all that goes along with vaping. Here are some of my tips to have a good vape setup that lasts.
  • Make sure you always fill your RTA/RDTA/Subohm tank off your device, this will allow you the opportunity to see if there is any condensation build up under your tank and around your 510 pin which needs to be cleaned off. Use some paper towel to clean the 510 pin, Liquid and electronics don't mix.
  • Make sure that if you spill anything on your mod to clean it off immediately.
  • Silicone covers are in my opinion a no no why because it traps condensation behind the silicone which you can't see and will eventually get into your mod. Rather have scratches on your mod than liquid damage.
  • Make sure that you change your coils as often as you can on  Sub Ohm tank to maintain good flavor.
  • If you don't know how to build coils buy already made and buy a RTA its a lot cheaper at the end of the day. Also this allows you to always have a good vape as long as you have spare cotton.
  • If you use a RTA/RDTA/RDA change your cotton at least once every 2-3 days. Not only will this improve your vaping experience but its more hygienic
  • Dirty coils reduce the vapor production and flavor.
  • Try to charge your batteries in an external charger this will extend the life of not only your batteries but your device as well.
  • Always make sure to check that you batteries are charging and discharging equally, if not your batteries might be on the way out or your mod might have an issue.
I hope these tips help.
Big Guy

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