My First Device Turbo

Sir Vape has the largest selection of devices available in South Africa. It can be at times rather overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. If you are starting off we have listed below a range of devices that are simple to use, affordable and will work best for newer users. Please don't forget that all new devices will need a bottle of CBD added with the order so we can ship during level 4.

If you need additional assistance with your query please email so he can guide you through options.


1) Caliburn - Simple to use, great flavour, compact & stylish (all round winner)


2) Nord V1 - Compact, huge range of coil options, good flavour


3) Vaporesso Osmall - Super compact, good flavour, affordable (It won't last forever) -


A number of CBD flavours can be ordered here. Your best bet are the 25mg or 100mg flavour options.