DOPE Freeze #50

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Not recommended for first time pouch users! DOPE Freeze #50 is quickly making a name for itself in the world of nicotine pouches, and for good reason. This product stands out from the crowd thanks to its superior quality, flavour and overall experience. Not recommended for first time pouch users!

These nicotine pouches deliver a consistently high nicotine hit. Each pouch contains 35mg of nicotine, making it one of the strongest options on the market. Even the heaviest smokers will be satisfied with the level of nicotine provided, without having to resort to traditional cigarettes.

DOPE Freeze #50 offers a unique and long-lasting flavour profile that sets it apart from other nicotine pouches. The icy cool mint flavour is refreshing and invigorating, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quick pick-me-up. 

Its high nicotine content, icy flavour and high-quality pouches make it a top choice for anyone looking to quit smoking or simply enjoy a nicotine hit without the harmful effects of tobacco. Only recommended for experienced nicotine pouch users.

These pouches do not contain any tobacco, making them a great alternative for those looking for a healthier option.

Nicotine per pouch - 35mg

Pouches per can - 22