Emissary Elixirs - PURE BLUE Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot + 20MG/35mg Nicotine Shot

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Strength of Nicotine Shot 35mg

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Emissary Elixirs - PURE BLUE Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot

Introducing the Emissary Elixirs - PURE Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot: Your Gateway to Customized Vaping Bliss!

Elevate your vaping experience with the Emissary Elixirs - PURE Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot, a meticulously crafted 15ml concentration of delectable flavorings designed to tantalize your taste buds like never before.

Pure Blue is a delicious blend of mixed berries, mango, strawberry and pineapple - with ice! 

Please note, that this product is not intended for standalone use; it's the key ingredient in your journey to the perfect vape.

Pair this Flavor Shot with its ideal companions, the Emissary Elixirs - Nicotine Shot, and you're on the path to creating a sensational 30ml bottle of vapeable E-Liquid.

This Combo Includes

1 x 15ml Flavour Shot in a 30ml bottle.

1 x 15ml of 40mg/70mg Nicotine that creates a 20mg/35mg Nic Salt when mixed with 15mls of concentrate.

 Steps To Follow

  • Simply remove the nozzle caps from your Flavour shot.
  • Squeeze your Nicotine shot into your Flavour shot bottle. Squeeze until Nicotine Shot is empty.
  • Put your Nozzle Cap back on you Flavour shot bottle and make sure to push down so the cap seals properly.
  • Shake for 2-3 minutes.