Emissary Elixirs - PURE GREEN Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot + 20MG/35MG Nicotine Shot

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Strength of Nicotine Shot 20mg

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Emissary Elixirs - PURE GREEN Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot

Introducing the Emissary Elixirs - PURE Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot: Your Gateway to Customized Vaping Bliss!

Elevate your vaping experience with the Emissary Elixirs - PURE Max Nic Salt Flavour Shot, a meticulously crafted 15ml concentration of delectable flavorings designed to tantalize your taste buds like never before.

Pear, Kiwi and Guava. With ICE

Please note, that this product is not intended for standalone use; it's the key ingredient in your journey to the perfect vape.

Pair this Flavor Shot with its ideal companions, the Emissary Elixirs - Nicotine Shot, and you're on the path to creating a sensational 30ml bottle of vapeable E-Liquid.

This Combo Includes

1 x 15ml Flavour Shot in a 30ml bottle.

1 x 15ml of 40mg/75mg Nicotine that creates a 20mg/35mg Nic Salt when mixed with 15mls of concentrate.

 Steps To Follow

  • Simply remove the nozzle caps from your Flavour shot.
  • Squeeze your Nicotine shot into your Flavour shot bottle. Squeeze until Nicotine Shot is empty.
  • Put your Nozzle Cap back on you Flavour shot bottle and make sure to push down so the cap seals properly.
  • Shake for 2-3 minutes.