UPBAR BOTTLE 5% - 3500 Puff Disposable

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UpBar Bottle – Prefilled with 8,5ml e-liquid and featuring a 400 mAh built-in battery which can be fast charged via USB-C cable.  Available in 11 unique flavours.

After you pull out the silicone plug, please make sure to wait at least 5 minutes to allow the juice soak into the coil to avoid coil burning.

Please note disposable devices are regarded as consumables. Each product will differ in lifespan depending on user.

Consumable products (e.g. Disposable Vapes, Coils, Mouthpieces, E-liquids): Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a warranty on consumable items due to the nature of these products.

5% Nicotine     8,5ml +/- 3500 puff max