DOPE Ice Mango Crazy Strong

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Not recommended for first time pouch users! DOPE Ice Mango Crazy Strong are extra strong nicotine pouches with the perfect flavour combination of fresh mint and sweet mango. Get ready for a crazy strong ride! Not recommended for first time pouch users!

This sensational flavour combines the sweetness of mango with a refreshing dash of mint, delivering a unique taste experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Order now and discover the sensational taste that everyone is talking about.

DOPE Ice Mango Crazy Strong offers you 22 all white pouches per can, packed with sweet mango and mint in a slimmed format that sits very comfortably under your lip. The pouches are semi-dry, making for a perfect release of both flavour and nicotine. 

Due to the high nicotine content, the DOPE Ice Mango Crazy Strong pouches are not recommended for beginners.

These pouches do not contain any tobacco, making them a great alternative for those looking for a healthier option.

Nicotine per pouch - 20mg

Pouches per can - 22