WAKEY Hyper Charge

R 190.00

WAKEY Hyper Charge isn’t like your ordinary pouch. It has substituted nicotine for another energising compound - caffeine! Each nicotine-free portion contains 50mg of caffeine, allowing you to tackle whatever the day may hold. 

WAKEY Hyper Charge does exactly what it says on the tin. This caffeine pouch combines energising fruity flavours with a hint of citrus to create a taste experience very similar to an energy drink. 

Unleash a powerful energy surge with WAKEY Hyper Charge energy pouches. These energy pouches deliver an explosive blend of flavour and energy, keeping you ready for any challenge that comes your way. 

What sets WAKEY Hyper Charge apart from the rest is its unparalleled quality. Made from premium ingredients, each pouch is carefully crafted to ensure maximum freshness, potency, and taste. The unique blend of energy drink flavour and powerful caffeine makes this the perfect pick-me-up, whether you're at work, at the gym, or simply on-the-go.

These pouches do not contain tobacco or nicotine, so if you want to reduce your intake of either substance, this is a great alternative as it replaces them with caffeine, giving you the energy required to overcome your cravings. Each portion comes in a slim format, promising comfort and an easy fit, leaving you to enjoy the stimulating experience.

Caffeine per pouch - 50mg

Pouches per can - 20

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