Dripshot Liquids

And now for something completely different...

Dripshot Liquids is a premium affordable juice line that is ready to vape as is or one can create their own unique flavours by blending them together. 

We are constantly hearing customers saying Ï wish this juice had more mango or a hint of pineapple or more ice etc etc well dah dah .... we bring you Dripshot. The power is now in your hands and you can do just that and at the same time have fun doing it. There is no rocket science to Dripshot blending and the idea was to keep it really simple.

As we said these juices as is are fantastic and if you are a fan of super juicy single profile juices well you are going to love these. They are available in 100ml bottles / 2mg Nicotine / 70vg 30pg. For the more adventurous type the idea is to purchase a few flavours or all of them, a Dripshot Mix Bottle and a Dripshot Ice Shot and play :) The Dripshot Mix Bottles come marked in 12,5ml increments as a guide but you can play at your own desired levels to get the flavour you think you would enjoy. 


We have also created a quirky video to show you how Dripshot works:



A simple recipe we like to call Breeze:

25ml Lychee

50ml Mango

25ml Pineapple

5ml Ice Shot


Try it out and let us know what you think. Mix your own profiles and post them our Dripshot Facebook page. The Facebook page will be updated with recipes and we encourage Dripshot buyers to trade recipes.


Dripshot Facebook Page: