Oxbar Magic Maze Pro 10000 Puff 5%

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Oxbar Magic Maze Pro

10 000 puffs

900mAh battery

50mg nicotine

1ohm mesh coil

Blueberry Strawberry Dragonfruit – sweet, ripe strawberry teamed up with the tangy kick of blueberries, and just when you think that’s amazing, in swoops dragonfruit with its exotic twist. It’s a fruity trio that’s all about a sweet, tangy, and slightly exotic vaping adventure!

Cherry Coolade – a burst of juicy cherries with a refreshing, cooling twist. It’s a fruity and icy combo that’s both sweet and crisp, giving you that zingy sensation, as if you’re vaping a frosty cherry drink.

Cranberry Lemon Ice – It’s like biting into a tart, juicy lemon mixed with the tangy sweetness of cranberries, all wrapped up in a cool, refreshing chill. The icy touch gives it a crisp and revitalizing feel, making it perfect for a brisk and invigorating vaping experience.

Mighty Mint – a powerful blast of coolness that’s crisp, clean, and invigorating, just like a strong minty breeze. It’s the kind of flavor that wakes up your senses and leaves you feeling refreshed with every exhale.

Rainbow Blast – a vibrant mix of fruity flavors that dance on your taste buds, like a burst of rainbow candies or a fruity medley. It’s sweet, zesty, and brings a symphony of different fruits together for a fun and lively vaping experience.

Razz Pineapple – a tropical paradise in a vape! It’s a tangy dance between the sweet, tart razz (raspberry) and the sunny, refreshing taste of pineapple. This combo brings a zingy, fruity twist that feels like a mini-vacation every time you take a puff.

Sakura Grape – a floral surprise tangled with sweet grape goodness. It’s a unique blend that combines the delicate hints of cherry blossom with the juicy, luscious taste of grapes, offering a refreshing and distinctive vaping experience.

Splash Bros Lemonade – a tangy, refreshing flavour reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons with a hint of sweetness.

Strawberry Kiwi – a fusion of ripe, sweet strawberries mingling with the tangy, tropical kick of kiwi. This combo brings a burst of freshness that’s both sweet and tangy, offering a delightful vaping experience packed with fruity goodness.

Watermelon Remix Ice – It’s like biting into a juicy, ripe watermelon on a hot day, but with a cool twist. The icy touch adds a refreshing chill to the sweet and refreshing watermelon, creating a crisp and revitalizing vaping sensation.

Consumable products (e.g. Disposable Vapes, Coils, Mouthpieces, E-liquids): Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a warranty on consumable items due to the nature of these products.

After you pull out the silicone plug, please make sure to wait at least 5 minutes to allow the juice soak into the coil to avoid coil burning.

Please note:

A disposable will NOT last forever and if it states that its a 10000 puff it will not give you 10000puffs exactly as its tested as 10000 puff based on a HALF a SECOND PULL (machine simulated) SIR VAPE cannot determine your puffing style and usage therefore we cannot guarantee or be held liable if you do not get the puffs stated on the package, furthermore , condensation (sweating) is normal on all disposable devices. the coil in a disposable can only handle a certain ml of juice depending on the type of coil The lifespan of a coil is based on personal usage and type of e-liquid used.

please use a 1Amp charger (laptop port etc) Do not use a fast charger 

If you have any queries please email: hugo@sirvape.co.za